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The ID Register

What is The ID Register?

The ID Register is an online platform for connected due diligence, centralised KYC, FATCA and Investor Reporting. It enables individuals to create one complete KYC and FATCA profile and share it securely with their lawyers and fund managers, making CDD quicker, easier and more cost effective. The ID register was created by Ipes in response to demands from the legal and the PE Fund community, who were frustrated with the lengthy CDD process. It has the ability to combine data with multi-jurisdictional reporting for FATCA and CRS, delivering an efficient, cost effective package that will report the right information, at the right time, to the right jurisdiction.


Create and share your complete due diligence profile and evidence on our secure online portal for free. Our paperless verification system uses real time sanctions screening against global sanctions and PEP lists to provide a complete live Due Diligence profile.



Connect your profile to anyone who needs your KYC such as banks, legal firms, fund managers and other counterparties worldwide. Enjoy never having to submit another KYC form again and allow all of your connections to see your most up to date profile.


The ID Register’s team of analysts ensure that your KYC profile is kept up to date without any further intervention from you. We work in alliance with other professionals including KPMG, to ensure that each profile remains compliant with FATCA and CRS legislation.


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Nigel Strachan

Nigel Strachan

Group Head of Business Development