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Investor Services

We provide Investor Services through our online platform The ID Register. This includes FATCA, the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), Client Due Diligence (CDD), Sanctions Screening and Investor Reporting. In 2017 The ID Register submitted 2600 FATCA and CRS reports on behalf of 1620 reportable entities. We support investors throughout the lifecycle of the funds in which they invest.


The ID Register

Our Investor Services include

Client Due Dilligence

Client Due Diligence ensures that every financial organisation understands:


The Foreign Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) applies to all Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) both within and outside the United States, irrespective of whether they transact in US Dollars, have US investors or own US portfolio companies.

Sanctions Screening

Sanctions Screening is the process of reviewing sanctions lists to check if any investor in your fund is involved in financing crime or terrorism, so that you can take the appropriate action. 

The ID Register

In 2016 Ipes launched the The ID Register, an online platform where you can create one complete KYC and FATCA/CRS profile and share it securely with those who need it.

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Nigel Strachan

Nigel Strachan

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