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AIFMD (Annex IV Reporting)

Ipes AIFMD (Annex IV) reporting service

Ipes offers a complete AIFMD Reporting service for its existing clients and for new clients. Existing Administration and Depositary clients can benefit from straight through data mapping which covers 98% of the reporting fields. We can work with new clients regardless of whether they administer their funds in house or through another Administrator.


  • Assist AIFs and AIFMs to determine reporting requirements
  • Map AIF and AIFM data to the required reporting fields
  • Generate all AIF and AIFM reports following a controlled process. This includes mapped workflows and checks to ensure consistency
  • Upload all AIF and AIFM reports to each regulator on behalf of the AIFM

Who needs to report?

The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) has been in effect across Europe since July 2014. All authorised and registered Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) and Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) are required to report.

What do I need to report?

EU AIFMs are required to report on a regular basis to their local regulators for each EU AIF they manage and for each non-EU AIF they market in the Union. Non-EU AIFMs are also required to report to each EU regulator where their AIFs are marketed.

AIFs that have not closed still need to report a nil return.

When do I need to report?

Frequency of reporting is dependent on a number of factors such as leverage, assets under management (AUM) and the types of investment held. In general, most Private Equity AIFs will need to report annually by 31 January each year.

The reporting period starts from the first day of the calendar quarter following authorisation or registration of the AIFM. The deadline for submission of the report is one month after the reporting period. Fund of Funds have an additional 15 days.

Why choose Ipes?

  • Ipes pioneered Private Equity specialist Fund Services in Europe
  • Ipes AIFMD (Annex IV) reporting service was built for Private Equity. Real Estate and Infrastructure can also be supported
  • Pricing is transparent and fixed by report to help with cost control
  • AIFMs can benefit from our shared knowledge of reporting best practice. Our Depositary team reports on behalf of 341 AIFs
  • Ipes undertakes the complete AIFMD (Annex IV) reporting service. We do not outsource any element of the process to a third party
  • AIFMs can easily review and approve their reports through Capital Tracker online

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