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Client Charter

We put clients first by committing to the Ipes Client Charter; the promise we make to help clients succeed

We hold workshops to train our people on the Ipes Client Charter and ensure it is central to what they do. Our people are remunerated around the Ipes Client Charter; it underpins all staff appraisals and bonuses.

All new staff are taken through a Client Charter induction programme and performance is managed in line with the Ipes Client Charter.

Our people
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The Ipes Client Charter

To help you succeed we will:

  • Put you first and act in your best interests
  • Listen, and respond appropriately
  • Be honest and keep you informed
  • Select the right team for you and keep you informed of regulatory changes and industry best practice
  • Get it right the first time, on time
  • Meet you regularly in person, including a member of our senior team
  • Act with integrity and protect your confidentiality
  • Charge transparent and fair fees
The Ipes Client Charter