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Capital Tracker

Capital Tracker, our bespoke technology platform is at the core of our service. It is a cutting edge web based application which was developed with Private Equity in mind. The modular system seamlessly integrates daily tasks such as managing calls, distributions, cash movements, bookkeeping and investor reporting as well as complex tasks such as waterfall calculations.

Capital Tracker can be adapted to accommodate any changes in regulatory and reporting demands and be tailored to meet clients' requirements. It is continuously being developed to keep functionality current and fit for purpose. Our other services - AIFMD, FATCA and the ID Register have all grown out of Capital Tracker.

Capital Tracker is connected directly to the SWIFT banking network. This enables efficient payment processes and automated bookkeeping, resulting in lower manual work and 95% straight through processing. Each year, we process $10 billion of payments, 52,000 calls and distributions, $400m of FX transactions, and 900 audited and unaudited sets of financial statements. Cash transactions have details attached allowing for remote audit.

We work collaboratively with our clients as their virtual back office. With Capital Tracker as our core system, we can share our live data securely and in real-time, respond quickly to your requests, and maximise efficiency.

Capital Tracker's SWIFT connectivity enables straight-through processing


Capital Tracker's SWIFT connectivity enables straight-through processing